Multiplying the Impact of Your Gifts to CSU: Now and Forever

Year-End Giving

Thank you for considering CSU in your year-end giving. If you have questions or would like assistance making your gift or accessing Donor Connect, please contact CSU’s Donor Relations team at (970) 491-7774 and

We ask that you follow these steps to ensure the timely receipt of your generous support:

  • Online: When at all possible, we strongly encourage you to make your gift online at This ensures the fastest processing of donations.
  • U.S. mail: Gifts that cannot be made online should be mailed directly to the CSU Foundation’s secure postal address: CSU Foundation, P.O. Box 1870, Fort Collins, CO 80522.
  • Delivery by Overnight Courier or Hand-Delivery: Please direct these deliveries to: CSU Foundation, 601 S. Howes St. Fort Collins, CO 80521.
  • Secure Dropbox: Located on the 3rd floor of the University Services Center, directly to the left of CSUF’s office doors.
  • Gifts of Securities: Instructions for making these electronic transfers can be found at 

Please take note of the following deadlines in order to receive appropriate credit for 2021 contributions:

  • 12/15/2021 – Recommended last day for 2021 stock gifts 
  • 12/17/2021 – Deadline to submit gifts-in-kind, pledges and revocable commitments
  • 12/30/2021 – Deadline to submit credit card gifts
  • 12/31/2021 @ 2:00pm – Deadline to submit cash/cash-equivalent gifts
  • 12/31/2021 @ 11:59pm – Deadline to submit online gifts

Multiplying your impact

The key benefit of CSU Foundation giving is simple: Your gifts are combined with those of other donors who care deeply, as you do, about Colorado State University. Your generosity is then multiplied over time through smart, strategic investing. If you choose to make an endowed gift, your resulting legacy can last literally forever.

During its first 50 years, by multiplying the impact of generous donors like you, the CSU Foundation has transferred almost $1 billion to Colorado State University to enhance teaching, learning and research.

Endowed gifts sustain for decades

For the past 50 years, the Colorado State University Foundation has supported Colorado State University by receiving, managing and investing donor funds to benefit the University and its students.

Endowed gifts, in particular, make long-lasting impact on students, teachers and researchers whose lives and work will, in turn, help change the world. Thanks to the generosity of our loyal donors, CSU continues to be an accessible, world-class university.