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The Colorado State University Foundation (The Foundation), a not-for-profit corporation, was incorporated in 1970 for the following purposes: (a) to assist in the promotion, development, and enhancement of the facilities and educational programs and opportunities of the faculty, students, and alumni of Colorado State University and (b) to receive, manage, and invest contributions, gifts, and bequests and apply the principal or income generated therefrom exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes that will directly or indirectly aid and benefit Colorado State University.


The Foundation’s goal is to enhance the purchasing power of the University’s endowment while achieving the maximum total return consistent with the safety of the principal.

Investment and Distribution Policy

The Foundation’s Board of Directors has the fiduciary responsibility for the management and investment of all charitable gifts for Colorado State University. The investment objectives of the Foundation are designed to respond to changes in the economic environment, philosophy of the University and the Foundation, and market conditions.

Performance results for the fiscal year (ending June 30):

Total Invested Assets and Total Return

Fiscal Year Invested Assets Total Return
2017-2018 $488,769,000 7.10%
2016-2017 $493,165,000 13.00%
2015-2016 $425,163,000 -2.75%
2014-2015 $398,727,000 01.80%
2013-2014 $375,670,000 13.90%

Public Information Policy

Colorado State University Foundation
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Phone: (970) 491-7135