Investment Performance and Impact
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The Foundation’s goal is to grow its endowment by maximizing investment returns while preserving the principal. The Foundation’s investment objectives respond to changes in the economic environment, market conditions and other considerations. 

Foundation’s Lifetime Support to CSU Surpasses $1 Billion

Academic and Instructional Support – $283,846,009
Student Support – $202,577,655
Infrastructure – $195,458,645
Institutional Support – $151,920,473
Research – $125,956,707
Faculty Support – $53,108,250

Endowment & Total Invested Assets (in millions by fiscal year)

The CSU Foundation’s endowment has grown from $221 million in fiscal year 2011 to $558 million in 2021. Total invested assets have increased from $297 million in fiscal year 2011 to $696 million in 2021.  

CSU Foundation Performance

To preserve the value of the endowment, investment returns in excess of the 4.25% payout and the 1.75% Foundation administration fee are invested to the endowment annually. To ensure the best returns, the Foundation uses a diverse group of asset allocations.

  One Year* Ten Year 25 Year
CSUF Return 34.13 8.39 8.22
Peer Institutions ($250M – $1B) 27.30 7.90 7.70
Investment Policy Benchmark (Target Return) 25.55 9.93 8.39
*CSUF’s one-year performance ranks in the top decile among peer institutions.

Target Asset Allocations

Public Equities – 48%
Alternatives – 45%
Fixed Income – 7%